Fathers, Fatherhood and Family Life

On this page, you can access a range of resources on the topic of fathers, fatherhood, men as carers, and family life.  Please click on the (blue) links below to find out more ...

Being a Stepdad - tips and advice for stepfathers from Family Lives (PDF, 550KB).

Child Maintenance Choices - free and confidential information to help separated parents to make informed choices about child maintenance in Northern Ireland.

Cumulo Nimbus - children's storybook written by fathers from Blossom Sure Start in Co. Armagh (PDF, 5.5MB).

Dad.ie - Irish website for fathers and fathers-to-be covering a broad range of issues.

Dad Info - UK website providing information on a spectrum of topics.

Discipline and Boys Under Five - practical guide from the Boys' Development Project (PDF, 664KB).

Families and Single Fathers in Ireland - conference paper delivered by Kieran McKeown in 2000 (PDF, 86KB).

Families Need Fathers - concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and after family breakdown in the UK.

Fatherhood Institute - UK website featuring research, reports, practice issues and resources.

Fathers and Families: Research and Reflection on Key Questions - Department of Health and Children Report published in 2000.

Fathers, Separation and Co-Parenting - Man Matters Policy Briefing Paper Number 3 published in January 2014 (PDF, 2.2MB).

Handbook for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Northern Ireland produced by Men's Alliance NI (PDF, 1MB).

Home-Start Northern Ireland - network of trained volunteers offering practical support to parents who are struggling to cope.

How Do Men Prepare for Fatherhood? - August 2013 edition of 'Journal of Family Issues' exploring men’s roles in family planning, conception, abortion, adoption and preparing for childbirth.

In Whose Best Interests? - research commissioned by the Western Health Action Zone to inform the planning of services for young parents, with a particular emphasis on fathers (PDF, 381KB).

Men and Babies - practical handbook (PDF, 1.1MB) for fathers-to-be, produced by The Men's Project within Parents Advice Centre (now Parenting NI).  Click here for the cover of this booklet (PDF, 900KB).

Men and Miscarriage - information for fathers from The Miscarriage Association (PDF, 218KB).

Men, Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies - selection of papers published in the September 2013 issue of 'Reproductive BioMedicine Online'.

Men in Limerick Experiencing Separation (MILES) - support group for men who are coping with the effects of a relationship breakdown or who are separated from their family.

Men's Advisory Project (MAP) - counselling for male victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland, and offers anger management support.

Men's Aid Ireland - helpline and support for male victims of domestic abuse in Ireland.

Nurture - provides support and counselling to men, their partners and families for mental health difficulties and emotional trauma surrounding conception, pregnancy, childbirth, being a new parent or loss of a baby.

Parental Responsibility and Unmarried Fathers in Northern Ireland, 2009 - factsheet from The Men's Project within Parents Advice Centre [now called Parenting NI] (PDF, 100KB).

Parenting Forum Northern Ireland - highlights the needs of parents in order to influence policy, planning and service delivery.

Parentline - provides information and a listening ear to parents in the Republic of Ireland.

Parenting NI - offers a free and confidential helpline for parents in Northern Ireland, parenting education courses, and a range of articles on parenting issues.

Paternity Leave and Pay in Northern Ireland, 2009 - answers to key questions from The Men's Project within Parents Advice Centre [now called Parenting NI] (PDF, 100KB).

Sands Northern Ireland - support to parents and families bereaved by stillbirth and neonatal death.

SENAC - independent advice and advocacy service to parents of children with special educational needs in Northern Ireland.

The Dad Factor -  a September 2015 briefing paper from 'Dads Direct' which looks at the important contribution that fathers in Northern Ireland make to their children's long-term outcomes (PDF, 510KB).

Treoir - free and confidential service for unmarried parents, providing information in relation to issues around shared parenting, access, guardianship, child maintenance, cohabitants' rights etc.

Understanding Fatherhood in the 21st Century: Man Matters Policy Briefing Paper No 2 - a Northern Irish report on fathers and fatherhood, published in October 2012 (PDF, 1.6MB). 

What Dads Should Know About Breastfeeding - booklet from the (former) Health Promotion Agency (PDF, 221KB).


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