About E-Male Matters

"E-Male Matters" is the free electronic newsletter of the Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI).  It is widely distributed by email attachment on a regular basis to organisations and individuals across Ireland (and beyond).  To join the mailing list, click here.

The purpose of this publication is to provide an update on research, events, training, resources and news in the field of work with men and boys.

Within this section of the website, you can access copies of this publication from 2007 onwards.

Anyone can propose an article for inclusion in our newsletter (so long as it is of relevance to males, does not promote a commercial enterprise / product, and does not insult or slander anyone) by emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is a simple template for all articles.  Please let us know (within 150 words) all the main details, for example ...

Short description
Contact details for further information (name, telephone and/or email address)
Web link (if available) for fuller details

However, to keep the file size small, we cannot, unfortunately, include photographs or other images.

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