Men's Health Symposium 2018

On Thursday 15th March 2018, a Men’s Health Symposium was held in Dr Steevens' Hospital, Dublin, as part of the ‘Healthy Ireland - Men’ Action Plan.  This free event - titled 'Men in the Middle’ - explored the diverse health and wellbeing needs of middle-aged men in Ireland.

There were a number of key elements to the programme ...

  1. Presentation of key data on the health and wellbeing of middle-aged men in Ireland - Central Statistics Office (CSO) and The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA).
  2. Launch of a Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) report on research findings from Year 1 of their Middle-Aged Men and Mental Health Project - titled ‘Middle-Aged Men and Suicide in Ireland’.
  3. A performance piece called ‘Hope’ - written and acted by men (from Men’s Action Network in Derry) who have all contemplated taking their own lives at some point in the past, but who found a positive reason to stop these thoughts and move forward.
  4. Examples of new / current research in Ireland which focuses upon the target age group - presented via a ‘5-in-5’ session i.e. five speakers, with five PowerPoint slides each, to explain their work in five minutes.
  5. Showcasing some practical examples of what is happening to support middle-aged men across Ireland (via short video clips).
  6. Keynote address by Prof Alan White, Emeritus Professor of Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett University.
  7. Question-and-answer session with a panel of international experts in the field of men’s health.

There was unprecendented interest in this event, and most of the places available were allocated within 72 hours of it being announced.  Follow the links below to find out more about what happened on this day ...

Programme Outline

Men in the Middle - What the census tells us (PDF of PowerPoint Slides) - Brendan Murphy, CSO:


Formal and Informal Social Participation among Middle-Aged Men: Findings from The Longitudinal Study on Ageing (PDF of PowerPoint Slides) - Mark Ward, TILDA:


Official Launch of the 'Middle-Aged Men and Suicide in Ireland' Report - John Meehan, National Office for Suicide Prevention:


Overview of Findings from the ‘Middle-Aged Men and Suicide in Ireland’ Research (PDF of PowerPoint Slides) - Shane O'Donnell and Noel Richardson, National Centre for Men's Health:

‘Middle-Aged Men and Suicide in Ireland’ Report

5-in-5 Presentations on current research (access PDF of PowerPoint Slides by clicking on blue text) ...

1. Effectiveness of a community-based physical activity programme in reaching inactive middle-aged men - Liam Kelly, ITC

2. Younger men’s experience of prostate cancer - Impact on mental health and daily lives - Bróna Mooney, NUIG:

3. Effective Engagement for Middle-Aged Men in Sheds - Edel Byrne, IMSA:

4. The Place 4 U Clonmel Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme - Kickstart your way to a healthy lifestyle - Ann Binchy, Place 4 U:

5. Enhancing Men’s Awareness of Testicular Disorders (E-MAT) Using a Virtual Reality Intervention: A Pre-Post Study - Mohamad Saab, UCC

‘Hope from Hopelessness’ Performance Piece (YouTube video)

Emerging Issues in Middle-Aged Men’s Health: An International Perspective (PDF of PowerPoint Slides) - Prof Alan White:


'Through the Eyes of Men' video clips of practice ...

- Men on the Move:


- Mojo:


- Kilcock Men’s Shed:


- Larkin Centre: