The Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI)

The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) works on an all-Ireland basis to enhance the health and well-being of men and boys.  It is a diverse network of individuals and organisations, men and women, which seeks to identify the key concerns relating to male health and to increase understanding of these issues.  However, MHFI does not provide medical or clinical advice.

MHFI has no full-time office base or permanent staff (although we do, currently, have a temporary Director of Operations), but draws upon the voluntary commitment, experience, skills and contacts of the broad range of people on its Advisory Group.

Anyone - individual or organisation - who can agree with the mission, value base and aims of MHFI can ask to be included on the Forum's mailing list, and will receive our monthly electronic newsletter ("E-Male Matters") - as well as other updates, briefings, announcements and invitations in the field of work with men and boys.

To join this mailing list, submit your details on the 'Subscribe to E-Male Matters Newsletter' form by clicking here.