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Men in Donegal have been 'on the move!'

An eight month activity programme aimed at offering a range of activities to encourage men to take responsibility for their health and well-being has been running in Moville.

The programme includes:

Set-Up Activities:

  • a free health check with a local doctor
  • a free consultation with a dietician on changes to create weight loss
  • a free fitness check at the local gym - Absolute Fitness
  • a free information session on eating for weight-loss for the men and their wives
  • an introduction to using the gym
  • a meeting with the men to identify their needs and agree a weekly/monthly programme of activities

On-Going Activities:

  • a weekly reduced-cost session, with supervision, in the gym
  • a range of weekly/monthly activities - walking, indoor football, martial arts, swimming, canoeing, cycling
  • an information evening on men's health

Closing Activities:

  • a repeat fitness check to identify changes in weight, waist size and fitness
  • a celebration evening to congratulate the men

The programme has run in Moville from November 2004 until June 2005. Seventeen men came to an initial information evening; with ten men joining the programme. Men-only sessions in the gym on Wednesday evenings have been attended regularly by the majority of the men. Weekend walks and swimming took place on Sundays. A review of progress in April showed eight men had lost weight, one remained stable, and one had gained weight. The most lost was 18lbs!

The final review of progress is happening in Men's Health Week, with a celebration and prize-giving the following week.

For more information or a report on the programme, contact David Simpson

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