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Although men's health is an under-researched and under-funded area of work, there are still some notable resources in existence which increase our understanding of the key issues facing local males and how these can be addressed.

This page lists a few of these online resources which might be useful. However, inclusion on this list does not imply that the Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) endorses the work of any of these bodies.

Many of the resources listed below are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to look at them.



E-Male Matters - is MHFI's monthly electronic newsletter which provides an update on research, events, training, resources and news in the field of work with men and boys.

"Men's Health in Ireland" - the Men's Health Forum in Ireland's seminal report which provides the most comprehensive overview of key statistics on men's health on the island of Ireland ever collated. It also makes a number of recommendations for improving the health of local men in the future.

National Men's Health Policy 2008-2013 - link to a PDF of the full policy document which relates to the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is the first country in Europe to have a policy on men's health.

A Report on the State of Men's Health across 17 European Countries (PDF) - the European Men's Health Forum's (EMHF) report which examines a broad range of men's health issues throughout 17 European countries.

Men in Northern Ireland (MINI) Series - five headline fact sheets on males presenting key statistics relating to demography, work, health, education and family life (prepared by staff from ARK within Queen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster, in partnership with The Men's Project).

Men's Life and Times - a module within the 2000 and 2004 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey conducted by Queen's University Belfast and the University of Ulster. This research explores the attitudes of both men and women to issues affecting men.

Out on Your Own - a research project undertaken by The Rainbow Project which investigated the mental health of young same-sex attracted men in Northern Ireland.

Men's Attitudes and Values Research Project (PDF) - organised by The Male Link in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties during 2000, this study questioned 632 males aged 15 years and over.

Social Focus on Men (PDF) - Produced by National Statistics, this report provides an overview of the changing lives and roles of men in the United Kingdom in terms of their health, work, income, education, family situation and lifestyle.

Men's Work Directory - an online resource provided by The Men's Project which gives details of groups/projects (in both the north and south of Ireland) that are working with men and/or who have a particular interest in issues which affect men.

Working with Men - British consultants on men's work who have produced group work resources; undertaken a range of research; supported the development of men's initiatives across the UK; produced a workers' journal.

Images of Men - a set of fifty-five black and white photographs which present a broad range of images of men in the north of Ireland e.g. young/old, disabled/able-bodied, gay/straight, ethnic groups, at work, at home, as fathers, socialising, at risk ... The original photographs may be borrowed by groups who wish to display them as an exhibition, and the images have also been developed into a group work discussion pack.

North Leitrim Men's Group Research - report on the research conducted by NLMG into the needs of single rural men.


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