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The Internet hosts a vast array of information focusing on men's health and other relevant issues affecting males. To get you started, here is a small sample of some of this material. Inclusion on this list does not, however, imply that MHFI endorses the work of any of these bodies ...

Achilles Heel: Men's Magazine - access to archived editions of "Achilles Heel: Men's Magazine". Each edition focuses on specific issues affecting men.

BBC Men's Health Site - addresses a comprehensive range of male health issues including body, mind, lifestyle and illness.

Cancer Research UK - information for anyone who wishes to know more about cancer or wants practical advice on how to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

European Men's Health Forum - links to European initiatives on men's health. Includes "A Report on the State of Men's Health across 17 European Countries".

Giving Up Smoking - NHS advice, information and support on giving-up smoking.

Heads Away Just Say - an Northern Irish website offering mental health support to young people - especially important for boys and young men.

Health Promotion Agency NI - online access to their publications as well as information about forthcoming events and training opportunities. They also have a links page to other useful health-related websites.

International Men's Health Database - a directory of individuals and organisations that work with, or influence the health of men within their country and internationally.

International Society for Menís Health and Gender (ISMH) - key player in the World Congress for Men's Health and Gender and The Journal of Men's Health and Gender.

Male Health - health advice and information on specific medical conditions facing men.

Man Matters - information and advice on Erectile Dysfunction (impotence).

Men's Health Forum UK - news, information, events and discussion on all aspects of men's health policy.

Men's Health In The North East - part of North Eastern Health Board's (Ireland) website dealing specifically with men's health issues.

Men's Health Library - access to government and private sector publications, reports and analysis pertaining to health, social science and gender issues.

National Men's Health Week - information on the proposals and activities for Men's Health Week.

Net Doctor - medical information service including discussion forums, self-help tests, "Ask the Doctor" service and an online medical encyclopaedia.

NHS Direct - medical encyclopaedia, self-help health guides, common health-related questions, information on illnesses and treatments ...

Stamp Out Suicide! - suicide awareness and prevention information for those feeling depressed and suicidal and for those bereaved by suicide.

The Black Dog - Irish site for men who suffer from depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. Provides links to support/information, acts as a lobbying forum, and suggests techniques to overcome problems.

The Men's Bibliography - referenced list of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexuality.

The Men's Center - USA site which provides links to other useful networks/resources, features on specific topics, relevant book reviews, a monthly magazine etc.

The Men's Project - an information portal for men's work/issues in the north of Ireland. It features news, online access to reports, a local Directory of men's work, an Images of Men exhibition and resources.

The Rainbow Project - aims to address the physical, mental and emotional health needs of gay and bisexual men living in, working in, or visiting Northern Ireland.

The Red Knob - UK site which provides straight-talking health information to young men in an irreverent and accessible way.

Workplace Bullying - workplace bullying, stress, employment law and your rights.

YIELD - Irish site offering information, resources and support for young people around sexual health, drugs and alcohol issues.


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