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*** Free Men's Health Check!!! ***
Targeting all MEN in the community!

If a car is not running right, you take it to a garage but what about your body - should you not be looking after your body in the same way? The time has come for a CHECK UP!!!

Men are damaging their health through not looking at their lifestyles and avoiding check ups. Men do not live as long as women (average of 6 years) mostly because they do not take care of their health. What we do in our lifestyles and the choices we make (such as exercise, diet, smoking, drinking etc.) all affect our health.

Unfortunately, men do not always make the choices that are best for their health but it is never too late to change. This MOT is designed to give men an opportunity to examine their lifestyles, to chat to professional health workers in an informal way, and to become informed to take action on health risks.

Organisations attending include Men to Men, Action Cancer, The Men's Project, Community Dieticians, Opportunity Youth, Mater Hospital Respiratory Nurses, Ulster Cancer Foundation, Workers' Educational Association, RADICAL, Environmental Health, Dental Health, Alternative Therapies and Turkish Shaves!

Get your blood sugar, cholesterol, body fat analysis, body mass index, height, weight, blood pressure, lung function capacity and carbon monoxide levels checked!

For further information, phone Darren Gowdy on Belfast 02890 756638


Date: WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE 2005

Time: Call in anytime from 6.00p.m. - 8.30p.m.

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